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Website Design

A standard website will include 5 basic pages:

  • Home Page

  • About Us Page

  • Services/Products Page

  • Blog Page

  • Contact Page

The cost of a 5-page website design can vary depending on various factors, including the complexity of the design, the features and functionalities required, the level of customization, the geographic location of the web designer or agency, and their level of expertise. It's important to note that website design prices can differ significantly.

However, as a rough estimate, the cost of a 5-page website design can range from $500 to $5,000 or more. Here's a breakdown of the general pricing structure you might encounter:

Basic Template-Based Design: If you opt for a simple, template-based design with minimal customization, you could expect a lower cost. Prices could range from $500 to $1,500, depending on the platform or CMS (Content Management System) used and the level of customization required.

Custom Design: A fully custom-designed website, tailored to your specific requirements and branding, will generally cost more. Prices can range from $2,000 to $5,000 or higher, depending on the complexity of the design, the number of revisions, and the expertise of the web designer or agency.

Additional Features and Functionalities: If you require additional features such as e-commerce functionality, contact forms, integration of third-party tools, or advanced content management capabilities, the cost may increase accordingly. Each additional feature may involve extra development time and customization, impacting the overall cost.

It's essential to communicate your specific needs and requirements with web designers or agencies to get accurate price quotes. They can provide you with a detailed breakdown of costs based on your project specifications.

Remember, investing in a high-quality website is an important aspect of your business's online presence and can yield long-term benefits. It's advisable to prioritize factors such as design quality, user experience, and functionality while considering the cost.

CLIENT: Rim Country Flowers

Complete redesign with video front page that reflects the personality of the owner. The webpage has already begun to pay off with sales of items not previously shown on her old website. In addition, a customer noted, when asked why they chose Rim Country Flowers, they mentioned the website.

homestead Editor (Rim Country Flowers)_Page_1_edited_edited.jpg


CLIENT: Real Estate Sign Setters


New e-commerce website for a Real Estate Sign installation and rental company for Real Estate Agents.​

We designed a video with multiple images to show in a simple fun visual way the services that they offer.

This website has multiple forms and a full e-commerce function for purchases from the site.

WEbsite thumbnails.png


CLIENT: Blattner Brush Pit


After meeting the board members of the Mogollon Valley Pit Program Inc. about their vehicle wrap, we began looking into other ways that we could help the organization. 


We discussed the need for a more powerful and robust website that would include online donations and more pages that would improve their community awareness and education.

Blattner Pit.png

CLIENT: Tonto Basin Chamber of Commerce


Tonto Basin Chamber of Commerce, and all volunteer organization, lost their web master due to their retirement. The Chamber's website was in need to evolve from the 1990's design to a new fresh design with more services and opportunities available to their membership.

We provided a membership directory and community pages to help bring the community together.

Tonto Basin Chamber.png
Tonto Basin Chamber 2.png
Tonto Basin Chamber of Commerce _ Where the West Still Lives - Google Chrome 08_01_2023 9_
Tonto Basin Chamber of Commerce _ Where the West Still Lives - Google Chrome 08_01_2023 9_
Tonto Basin Chamber of Commerce _ Where the West Still Lives - Google Chrome 08_01_2023 9_


CLIENT: Arizona Z Car

We worked with an existing web design that was hosted through GoDaddy. The client was frustrated because they were limited to GoDaddy's design module. 

This client needed to create tabs and a rotating gallery of images to better display their product and visual instructions for installation of their product to their customer base. 

This website is a perfect example of the design capabilities and differences from using a standard GoDaddy website platform to the capabilities provided for by Arizona Vinyl.


HOME _ Arizonazcar We Manufacture and sell Datsun Z car Brakes, Suspensions & Engines - Go
HOME _ Arizonazcar We Manufacture and sell Datsun Z car Brakes, Suspensions & Engines - Go
Window Cleaners _ Pane In The Glass Window Cleaning - Google Chrome 08_01_2023 8_24_50 AM.
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