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Vehicle Wrap Service Agreement

This Services Agreement (this “Agreement”) is entered into as of the 5 day of May, 2022, by and among/between: Service Provider(s): 316 Swag LLC.; d.b.a. Arizona Vinyl Signs & Graphics, located at 1107 W Country Club Drive, Payson AZ 85541 (collectively “Service Provider”) and Buyer(s): J-Y Enterprises,LLC., located at P.O. Box 793, Overgaard AZ 85933 (collectively “Buyer”). Service Provider and Buyer may be referred to in this Agreement individually as a “Party” and collectively as the “Parties.”

  1. Services. Service Provider agrees to provide, and Buyer agrees to purchase the following services for the specific projects described below:

    • 95 Chevy Step Van, Grumann body vinyl wrap design, print & installation.

  2. Purchase Price. Buyer will pay to Service Provider and for all obligations specified in this Agreement, if any, as the full and complete purchase price (includes tax), the sum of $3,845.05.

  3. Payment: Payment for the Services will be made as follows:

    1. Down payment: $1,922.53 due upon the execution of this Agreement. Once materials are ordered, the deposit becomes non-refundable to cover design labor and materials.

    2. Payment for the Services: Balance payment of $1,922.52 in the form of a credit card or cashier’s check or cash is due upon the completion of services when Buyer picks up vehicle.

  4. Design: At no time will payment for design labor be considered a transfer of ownership for vehicle artwork design. Payment to Service Provider allows for one-time printing rights to Buyer for the vinyl wrap designed herein when installed by Service Provider only. Creative design of vehicle wrap remains the sole property of Service Provider and cannot be used, reproduced, or distributed in any way without express written permission from Service Provider. 

  5. Force Majeure. Service Provider shall not be responsible for any claims or damages resulting from any delays in performance or for non-performance due to unforeseen circumstances or causes beyond Service Provider's reasonable control.

  6. Client Supplied Design: While we will do our best to make customer supplied designs work, we are not responsible for layout location of said designs. We employ a staff of graphic designers who can work with a customer’s in-house designer to ensure accuracy in layout and designs. Depending on the scope of work or time spent on customer supplied designs, additional fees may apply.

  7. Color Matching: Not all Pantone or PMS colors can exactly be duplicated by digital printing. We will do our best to match any specific color requests. Should you require a printed proof prior to printing, please notify us & we will arrange for a proof to be provided.

  8. Proofing: Before any printing, Buyer must approve either a digital or hard proof.  Buyer is responsible for any spelling, grammatical errors, number errors, etc.  Please check these items carefully.  Service Provider will NOT print until Buyer has given approval.

  9. Installation:

    1. Vehicle wraps are designed on a 2-dimensional template.  Since we are printing and installing on a 3-dimensional surface, small variations from proof are normal.  This is due to compound curves, indents, recesses, body lines, rivets, etc. of the vehicle.
      Seams & Overlaps; Wraps are printed on 54” wide material. Since most vehicles are larger than 54”, seems and overlaps may be necessary. This is a normal part of the wrap process.

    2. Vinyl material is a pliable plastic material where every effort is made to make it look as seamless as possible, however, there may be curves, bumps, rivets, moldings, and deep-channeled curves that the vinyl will not be able to conform to. In some cases, relief cuts need to be made or patches need to be installed to cover certain areas. Stretching will result in some shrinkage as it attempts to return to its original form/dimensions. As it shrinks, some minor tenting and lifting does occur and will be addressed, if necessary, in the 12-month limited warranty period.

    3. All vinyl material needs to be applied to “like new” vehicle finish for the best results. There must be an excellent bond of the paint and its finish to the vehicle substrate. Any rust, bubbling, caulking, scratches, chips, dents, or other damage will be visible through the vinyl, and such surface imperfections may damage the vinyl or cause the vinyl to fail prematurely. Areas repaired with body filer must be sanded, epoxy primed and finished with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) paint or clear coat. Also, any areas with Caulking may need to be re-caulked over the installed vinyl. Any recently applied finish must be fully cured for a minimum of 30 days prior to vinyl being applied.

    4. There may be extreme curves and bumps such as rivets and deep channel curves and moldings on the vehicle that the vinyl will not be able to conform to. In some small areas you will see evidence of the original color of the vehicle below the wrap. These may be small areas such as around door handles and the edges of the lights on the vehicles. A vehicle wrap is made by applying 54-inch panels of vinyl. There will be visible seams where the panels meet. On a complex design with many matching points, Service Provider cannot guarantee that the graphics will match 100% alignment due to size of panels or extreme complex curves on the vehicle. A 5% margin is considered acceptable on large outdoor advertising projects.

  10. Cancellation Fee: Cancellations or requests to reschedule installation appointments without 72 hours’ notice prior to the installation date will result in $250 fee.

  11. Vehicle Preparation: The Buyer is responsible for ensuring the vehicle is “street clean.” It is recommended to wash the vehicle one day prior to installation.  Please make sure there is no wax or sealers used after this wash. A simple solution of water and dawn dish soap is recommended.  If vehicle has not been washed, a $50.00 - $200.00 cleaning fee will apply based upon the size of the vehicle, and delivery time/day may be affected.

  12. Condition Of Paint:

    1. Service Provider expressly disclaims all warranties regarding the vehicle paint job and non-standard OEM cars and trucks. Service Provider expressly disclaims all warranties on buses, RVs, custom vehicles, and vehicles with OEM paint that is more than 6 years old. If a request to cover existing vinyl decals, rust, flaking paint, oxidation, or breakdown of clear coat, Service Provider will not be liable for any damage caused during the installation or removal process of any vinyl.

    2. Although a vinyl wrap may look like a paint job, it is NOT paint. Service Provider will provide Mfgr. vinyl warranty information and care instructions when the vehicle is picked up.

  13. Vehicle Drop-Off: Vehicle should be dropped off the evening prior to installation. This will give the vehicle proper time to 1) acclimate to the temperature of our installation facility and 2) dry from inclement weather.

  14. Pre-Inspection: At the time of drop off, one of our installers will complete a pre-inspection of your vehicle, similar to renting a vehicle. A copy will be provided at your request.

  15. Vehicle Pick Up: The Buyer will be notified prior to the completion of the vehicle wrap job. Should the customer be unable to pick up the vehicle same day, please let our staff know at that time, and arrangements will be made to hold the vehicle till the agreed upon day. Any vehicle not picked up within 48 hours of job completion (or the agreed upon pick up day,) will incur a fee of $50.00 per day until the vehicle is picked up.

  16. Warranty And Materials:

    1. Our vehicle wraps include a 12-month limited warranty on installation. This limited warranty covers any major lifting or bubbling in the material jeopardizing the effectiveness of the advertisement for 12 months from the date of vehicle delivery.

      1. Premature failure due to cracking, crazing, blistering or loss of adhesion due to installation error shall be covered under this warranty if it occurs during the 12-month warranty period.

      2. Material applied through extreme creases or curves is subject to lifting and bubbling and is not considered appreciable deterioration.

      3. Slight color fading, chalking, slight reduction in gloss or tenting around rivets will not detract from appearance and will not be repaired under this warranty.

  17. If any repairs due to product failure are needed during the first 12-months of vehicle delivery, the repairs will fall under the 12-month limited workmanship warranty. There will be no charge for labor or material. However, transportation of the vehicle to and from the repair location is the sole responsibility of the Buyer and is not covered under this warranty. The damaged area will be cut away and replaced with new print. Seams will be lined up as well as possible, but slight mismatch of images may occur. Please note that vinyl applied by anyone other than us will result in a void of warranty. Note: The 12-month limited warranty is voided if the installation was not done by Service Provider.

  18. Notification of Claim: This warranty requires that Service Provider be notified in writing by the Buyer within ten (10) days of material failure. Claim notifications must include original invoice as proof of purchase and vehicle’s VIN number, along with digital images of the failed product. Failure to notify Service Provider as noted will waive any warranty under this agreement.

  19. Application to Glass: Although the possibility of glass breakage due to application of vinyl products is low, glass has been known to break under the stress caused by temperature changes across the surface. Customer assumes sole responsibility for any glass breakage once vinyl has been installed. Perforated vinyl that is applied to horizontal surfaces are guaranteed for six months from the date of install.
    _____________client initials.

  20. Misuse and Natural Disasters: Service Provider have no obligation under this warranty with respect to products that have been modified or damaged through misuse, abuse, accident, neglect or mishandling by the Buyer. For example, graphics are not warranted against premature failure caused by chemical or mechanical means such as, but not limited to, vehicle accidents, vandalism, cleaning solutions, paints, solvents, use of high-pressure washing equipment, mechanical washing equipment, engine fuel spills, engine exhaust, steam, organic solvents or other spilled chemicals. Damage from fire, earthquake, flood, structural failure, lightening, and other natural disasters are not covered by this warranty.

    1. Materials used in warranty repairs will carry the same warranty coverage as the materials they replace with the expiration date the same as those of the original materials.

  21. These written warranties are the sole warranty made by Service Provider regarding our vehicle wrap products. Service Provider makes no other warranties, expressed or implied.

  22. After Care

    1. Vehicle should not be washed for 72 hours after wrap is installed.

    2. Service Provider recommends HAND WASHING ONLY. If possible, vehicle should be kept out of direct sunlight for the first 2-3 days after installation.

    3. Never pressure wash the vehicle wrap.

    4. Do not wash the vehicle in machine carwashes. 

    5. NEVER WAX or CLAY BAR, it will cause the vinyl material to turn yellow and crack.

  1. When cleaning, use only vinyl material safe products like soap and water, avoid any harsh chemicals of any kind that can deteriorate the vinyl material. Avoid using abrasive washing cloths as well as drying towels. 

  1. Mutual Indemnification. Both Parties to this Agreement agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the other Party, its officers, agents, employees, and volunteers, from and against all loss, cost, and expense arising out of any liability or claim of liability, sustained or claimed to have been sustained, arising out of activities, or the performance or nonperformance of obligations under this Agreement, of the indemnifying Party, or those of any of its officers, agents, employees, or volunteers. The provisions of this Article do not apply to any damage or losses caused solely by the negligence of the non-indemnifying party or any of its agents or employees.

  2. Limitation of Liability. Service Provider will not be liable for any indirect, special, consequential, or punitive damages (including lost profits) arising out of or relating to this Agreement or the transactions it contemplates (whether for breach of contract, tort, negligence, or other form of action) and irrespective of whether Service Provider has been advised of the possibility of any such damage. In no event will Service Provider's liability exceed the price paid by Buyer for the Services giving rise to the claim or cause of action.

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